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  1. Hey- just wanted to send a real quick suggestion to the site- I think the new “look” in worpress is much better however the font is incredibly small and hard to read in safari on a mac (which i think may be something geeks love, btw). A thought if interested would be to do away with the “em” style font in your stylesheet and instead specify an exact size so all browsers render it the same ie: 12px font with a 18px line-height, or if you want to keep it small 11px font-size with a 16px line-height.

    Just a suggestion as I would love to continue to read the blog, its just difficult for my eyes to focus on a line of text.


  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but as the blog is on a free WordPress site we cannot change the CSS, only the entire template.

  3. Great blog here. Insightful AND fun.

  4. I find it incredibly diverting that a small number of readers at http://www.boardgamegeek.com find the overall tone of this blog to be too bitter for their tastes. One participant went so far as to invoke a paraphrase of Kalle lasn that tied cynicism to self-imposed impotence. This is pretty heady stuff and now I can’t help but wonder if geeks who reject satire as cynicism can really be classed as geeks at all? I mean, don’t geeks love satire? What a friggin’ quandary!


  5. Quandary indeed! It seems that some geeks don’t even love this website! What a puzzling breed. It is a good thing that they still visit here, despite.

  6. Somebody posted a link to this to a SubGenius board …

    “Finally, there are the joke religions for geeks, such as the Church of the SubGenius and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Both of these cases involve parodies of religion which have become so formalized and humorless that they make the Catholics look like Unitarians.”


    I know your goal here is to make fun of the uncool kids sort of in the manner of a 14-year-old junior high school “coolest kid in school” regaling his other cool-kid friends about how much cooler they are than the nerd kids, rather than any kind of heavy journalism. But I mean that’s not only “not very accurate”, that’s about as completely opposite to reality as you can get.

    “Formalized and humorless”. Uh yeah. In fact I just got back from a gruelling day of SubGenius catechism lessons, having all that formal SubGenius doctrine humorlessly drilled into me so I’ll be ready for my exams at the end of the month, which most SubGeniuses take quarterly. You know, to ensure we are well-versed in all that formal SubGenius doctrine at all times so that we can humorlessly lecture on it if required.

    You really haven’t got the vaguest notion what you’re talking about, do you?

    Or quite likely you do, but you haven’t got the wit to write a funny article without just making things up to fit your train of thought.

    Well it’s no skin off my back. Really, go back to regaling all the other cool kids with what you’ve made up about those uncool geek kids. Lunch hour is almost over, I don’t want to interrupt, you have to get back to class soon.

    I just wanted to be sure you realized what a dumbfuck you are.

  7. Wow, Joe, you sure showed the writers here, who are obviously letter-jacket wearing, cheerleader-impregnating studs. Yessir, there’s no way that the people who wrote this are also geeks who decided to poke fun at how seriously some geeks take things. And you sure did prove them to be “dumbfucks”.

    I completely agree on the issue of the Sub-Genius stuff, though. Everything written here is dreadfully serious, and the remark comparing the Sub-Genii to Catholics was meant with no sarcasm.

    Oh, this is completely off topic, but have you ever heard of little-known English device called a hyperbole? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hyperbole
    They’re pretty cool.

  8. Well it’s no skin off my back.

    Yeah, clearly. It shows. Good job showing the site writers that SubGenius types don’t take themselves too seriously at all.

  9. Stuff Geeks Love: The Flash Thompson of Websites.

  10. When you get around to a music entry, you need to focus all the all-time geek rock band, Rush. It’s all there: Ayn Randian “fuck you” attitude in the lyrics, rapid-fire dizzying time changes in the music that shock and awe the geeks and bore and bewilder everybody else, iconoclastic butthead lyricist and band members that ensure continued worship from the hordes of OCD-riven fanboys; 20-minute, multi-movement songs with portions named things like “Cygnus X-1, Book 2: Hemispheres, Part IV: The Battle of Heart & Mind”

    Music to stay a virgin to.

  11. I completely agree on the issue of the Sub-Genius stuff, though. Everything written here is dreadfully serious, and the remark comparing the Sub-Genii to Catholics was meant with no sarcasm.

    Ah, I see! So saying the Church of the SubGenius is formalized and humorless was a joke, because what you’re really saying is that it isn’t.

    Yeah my sides are hurting from laughing at that bon mot and my knee is sore from where I have been slapping it.

    I mean as jokes go, it’s pretty much undetectable, isn’t it?

    Pardon me for failing to detect that it was in some bizarre way intended as humor and taking it literally.

  12. The simply divine thing is that you’re dourly yelling at everyone about how it’s NOT TRUE that SubGenii are humorless and you don’t get why that’s hilarious.

    Keep going, Joe.

  13. “Yeah my sides are hurting from laughing at that bon mot and my knee is sore from where I have been slapping it.”

    Thanks, dude. I was kind of unsure how it would go over. I’d tried out a few punchlines in my head, and I was kind of obsessing over it. In the end though, I went with my gut, and I guess it all worked out.

  14. Ah, shut yer yap, Dave Campbell, the internet’s only professional wallflower. You wouldn’t know a cha-cha from a waltz.

  15. Shorter Joe Cosby: “Waaaaah! Some anonymous stranger on the Internet made fun of something I like! Waaaaaaah!”

    Thanks for sharing that with the world.

  16. A couple of possible future subjects for you:

    Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders

  17. A possible special “Stuff Geeks HATE” edition of Stuff Geeks Love: “Having to admit they don’t know”. This is coming from a thread about RPG gamers observing that they’ve had store employees *lie* to them about inventory/products rather than admit that they don’t know when it’s coming in/don’t know who makes that item/don’t know what distributors carry it, ad nauseum.

  18. Dear Joe Cosby: that someone has taken your name, registered it as a domain, and put the single worst website on the Internet on it, and you should enact legal proceedings against them.

  19. um… actually, the expression is “no skin off my nose.”

  20. Some of the site was funny, as a Libertarian, I literally laughed so hard at the article on that subject that food got onto my keyboard. However, some of the things you guys write just seem… off. Not all geeks think Kirk is god. Not all have long hair. A decent amount of this site comes off as if you guys wrote it after visiting /b/ for a few months and the perusing Thinkgeek comments.

    Maybe it’s just my geek bias or something, but the site comes off as a bit fake to me. I also question your mention of the geek sainthood of Depp and Burton. Frankly, I think the first is shit (except for in a couple movies) and I’ve not seen anything by the second. And you say that all those who say they disliked firefly are branded as trolls. Whenever I’ve mentioned the fact that I never got into the show, the most I got was a “Ah, man! You’re missing out!” or something. It can’t be that I’m not geeky enough, considering my fanatical obsession with Evangelion, the fact that I actually go to cons, and my complete lack of social skills outside the internet.

    Maybe you’re selecting from an unusually small subset of geekdom?

  21. Bravo. As a Geek who hangs with Geeks, this site and everything on it is spot-on and tasteful. Those who are offended perhaps do not Understand the Internet, an unusual trait for geeks.

    I especially love the “Libertarianism” and “Not Being Christian” articles. Continue, writers, with your good work. Trolls, leave. Easily offended geeks, you have left your first love.

  22. Geeks Unite! Hi I was wondering if you could do a little blurb on this project. It needs some help.www.kickstarter.com/projects/936487545/geeke-shirts

  23. Hey i just wanted to say, you are a piece of shit

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