William Shatner


Here's your future, Nathan Fillion!

What is the saddest thing about geeks’ love for William Shatner?

1) Calling him “Bill” as though they hang out with him on a regular basis?
2) Thinking that nobody except them has discovered his singing career?
3) Not knowing if they like him genuinely or ironically, because they’re not quite sure what the correct answer is supposed to be?

He’ll always be the young Captain Kirk to them, though that isn’t saying much, because they all think of themselves as the young Captain Kirk as well, and geeks LOVE William Shatner.


7 Responses

  1. This applies more to “music geeks” than the species you’re so skillfully dissecting on this blog, but if you ever want to see something really funny, find a slightly doughy guy in his thirties–the sort who thought that High Fidelity was a lifestyle guide, not a scathing indictment of emotional immaturity–and start talking about Pulp’s “Common People.”

    Mention that you think it’s possibly THE greatest single of the 90s, and that Cocker’s genius is that he starts out condemning the strawman of the rich art school girl, but by the end of the song the “you” he’s raging against has become the listener himself. And the listener is just as bad as the rich girl because not only does he think being poor is cool but he also sees himself AS poor, aligned against the rich art school girls of the world, even though the true working-class common people would never accept him and in fact sees him as just as bad as the rich girl.

    Yeah, TRY to say all that, but you’ll never get it all out. ’cause about twenty seconds into this, you’ll see the most hilarious thing happen: the doughy guys start getting that I-have-to-sneeze look on their faces, as they no longer pay attention to anything you’re saying.

    Just keep talking, don’t let them interrupt. Eventually you’ll get them to do this cramped little pee-pee dance of excitement. Finally, unable to hold it in any longer, they let go and just yell: “WILLIAM SHATNER AND BEN FOLDS COVERED COMMON PEOPLE AND IT FUCKING ROCKS AND I LIKE IT BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!”

  2. But what about those of us that love William Shatner because he’s Denny Crane?

  3. Internet writers mocking fans of William Shatner?

  4. I would have thought William Shatner would warrant a bigger entry.

  5. I liked him better in Boston Legal, but that might just be because I’ve seen more Boston Legal episodes than Star Trek TOS ones.

  6. I met Shatner playing paintball at one of his charity tournaments. He’s an as*hole.

  7. Leonard Nimoy >>>> William Shatner, at least in my opinion.

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