The Standard Geek Uniform

How Geek is your outfit? Give yourself one point for each of the following:

geekuniform[ ] Beard

[ ] Black T-Shirt with White Writing On It

[ ] Combat Boots

[ ] Fedora

[ ] Item of Skull-Related Jewelry

[ ] Leatherman Multi-Tool

[ ] Long Hair, Preferably in a Ponytail.

[ ] Pocketwatch on Chain

[ ] Shirt With “Tribal” Design

[ ] Trenchcoat or Peacoat

[ ] Wolf Shirt

[ ] Zippo Lighter (+1 Bonus Point if you don’t smoke)

And give yourself two points for any of these:

[ ] Kaftan

[ ] Kilt

[ ] T-Shirt for a Television Show (+1 Bonus Point if it’s been cancelled)

Finally, subtract one point for every item of clothing you’re wearing that isn’t black.

The higher your score is, the higher the level of geek in your wardrobe!

Because they have a habit of expressing their individuality through mimicking others, geeks LOVE the Standard Geek Uniform!


7 Responses

  1. Don’t forget clothing with non-functioning buckles,
    and garments made of (or incorporating) chain mail.
    I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for kaftans.

  2. The pseudo-goth, cyberpunk-inspired, Punisher skull-imbalzoned look I understand (and was guilty of in high school). Even the medieval, Celtic, modern ren-faire look, I kind of get. I never got the fascination with wolf shirts.

  3. […] the deal. One of the recent posts at this website was about the standard geek uniform. They had a checklist. It’s frightening just how much I fit into that stereotype. Beard? Check. Black t-shirt with […]

  4. The Standard Geek Uniform (Female)

    [] A streak of some neon color in your hair

    [] Glasses: black, plastic rims (+1 if you don’t need them)

    [] Brightly-colored Converses, with “wacky” laces (+1 for writing on them)

    [] Anime T-shirt (+1 if it’s a show that’s never been released in your country)

    [] Homemade T-shirt featuring iron-on fanart of their favorite slash pairing kissing

    [] Men’s/Unisex T-shirt featuring their favorite superhero, for complaining loudly that they don’t make it for women.

    [] Cellphone charm

    [] Short hair

    [] Piercings (+1 for every ear piercing exceeding one pair, +2 for other locations)

    [] Tattoo, fandom related.

    [] Ankh necklace (+1 for accompanying liquid eyeliner)

    [] Head bandanna

    [] As much Joss Whedon-related paraphernalia as possible.

  5. What IS it with geek men and beards, anyway? Maybe it’s just me, but most guys don’t look particularly attractive with beards. Is there some geek hatred of shaving, or something?

  6. Shaving is just so haaaaaaard when you can grow a beard on your neck!

    I have a short goatee, but I keep it carefully trimmed and neat. It’s because I look kind of goofy without it (more than with it). But since that’s the only point I scored on that list, I guess it says a lot.

  7. Trenchcoats, I’ll buy, but peacoats are pretty generic these days. I look at someone in a peacoat and think “upper-middle class to well-off,” not “geek”.

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